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In 2008, Street Democracy was established as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with the purpose of providing access to a broad range of legal services to impoverished persons and communities.

Street Democracy began by providing direct legal services to the homeless and hungry at the soup kitchen in the basement of St. Leo’s Church Soup Kitchen in Detroit, Michigan. Our two-year self-assessment revealed that while we were providing quality representation for individuals, we were not creating an environment for significant systemic change. We could continue representing clients individually or we could use our time to create institutions that would provide sustainable opportunities for our clientele.

Our current projects, such as the establishment of a specialty jurisdiction court in Detroit for homeless persons, the creation of various legal self-help materials, the operation of a freedom of information portal, and community-owned enterprises, are intended to do just that, institutionalize the mechanisms of change.


SOCD Detroit

Street Outreach Court – Detroit is a collaborative project of the Michigan’s 36th Judicial District Court designed to open the doors of justice to homeless people who have already demonstrated sincere and sustained effort to end their homelessness.


Swagon is a business incubator project designed to provide low-income metro Detroiters with a no-cost platform to test their retail business idea.


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Corporate Actions & Financial Transactions

Early in 2014, Street Democracy has adopted an open administration policy, posting online, in an easily searchable format, every corporate action and financial transaction we will make from 2014 forward. These databases are made available to the public as part of that pledge.

We expect and work for openness and transparency from government and nonprofit institutions; we start by setting a good example.


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