all our advocacy that doesn't really fit into a neat box


Advocate for bill to end the inclusion of racial restrictive covenants on property deeds #racialequity

See MI-HB 4416 (2021). See also, op-ed.


See MI-HB 4676 & 4677 (2019).


WIN! Ask MPSC to list Lifeline rate info so homeless folks could easily pick the best cell phone plan #benefits

With everything going virtual, we were worried our folks wouldn't be able to get services or attend court because they'd blow through their minutes or data. And since most use Lifeline (Obamaphone), we asked the MPSC to include rates (e.g. min/txt/data caps) on their Lifeline provider list.

The MPSC updated the list in September.

WIN! Research how to allow FAP/SNAP benefits to be used to purchase groceries via delivery #benefits

In the early part of the pandemic, there was an issue where people on food stamps weren't able to use their benefits for delivery of groceries because the USDA doesn't allow accounts to be charged be food is delivered. We advised partner organizations that the Governor would need to request to join an USDA pilot program that allows online delivery. On May 20, Michigan was added to the pilot program.


WIN! Co-host meetings to establish homeless youth legal network #legal

With the ABA Commission on Homelessness & Poverty and the Detroit Phoenix Center, we helped convene a broad group of attorneys, advocates, youth with lived experience, and other stakeholders to identify gaps in the legal services for homeless youth and to foster collaboration to address those gaps and improve outcomes.