Our Work


Our Model

We spend a lot of time rethinking how we practice, in an effort to maximize our impact. We believe so strongly in this model of legal services that we feel compelled to share our "competitive advantage" with other legal aid organizations.


Concierge legal services for the unhoused

We've removed every barrier between our community partner's referral and us. No restricted funding; no separate eligibility criteria; no case limitations; and direct access to a dedicated attorney. If it impacts their ability to escape poverty, we take it on. Full representation. Full stop.

Our awesome features

Craft & execute strategies for policy change

We conduct legal and data-oriented research, join with partners to advance community-originating ideas, and push for policy changes that center community and their genuine ability to their rights.

Our awesome features

Experiment, iterate, & replicate

Sometimes problems require us to develop specific programming to solve. we run the experiment, optimize, and then develop tools for implementation.

Our awesome features
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